Randomly generated profiles of users from different countries

In this package you will get a randomly generated profile of a fake person with most popular fields:

ID Unique profile identifier
Gender Male / Female
First Name Randomly chosen first (given) name typical for the selected country
Last Name Randomly chosen last name (surname) typical for the selected country
First Name Transliteration Latin transliteration of names written in cyrillic, greek or asian character set
Last Name Transliteration
Birthday The date is chosen from the range of ages you select. The age distribution follows the population pyramid statistics for any given country
Street address Flat, house and street name. All street names are real and taken from public resources. Flat and house numbers are generated randomly, starting from number 1000, to prevent generating a real address unintentionally. The address format is typical for the chosen country.
Zip Code Zip (postal) code is randomly selected from a database of real postal codes in the chosen country. The code is consistent with the address.
City City names are real and consistent with the street address
Zip Code Zip (postal) code, where applicable. Zip code is consistent with the address and the city name
State, province, county Where applicable
Country This will be the name of the country you chose
Country ISO3 Three-letter country code as defined in ISO 3166
Passport Number Passport number can consist of letters and / or digits, its format is typical for the chosen country
Email Email address is generated from the name, the host being "example.com" with a digit or undescore anywhere inside.
Username Random combination of meaningful words and numbers
Password Random combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), digits and underscore. The length of the password is 6 to 8 characters.
Telephone Randomly generated number with a consistent country code
Occupation Randomly generated occupation. If the profile's age is less than 18, the occupation will be "Child"
Date of registration Date of registration (on your web site). Can be anything up to 3 years ago. If the profile is less than 3 y.o., this will be all zeroes.