Randomly generated profiles of users from different countries

The following fields are generated as a part of the Financial package.

Mother's maiden name A randomly generated surname typical for the chosen country.
Credit card type One of the following: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, UnionPay. The card type is typical for the chosen country, i.e. JCB for Japan or UnionPay for China, where VISA and MasterCard are not as popular as in the West
Credit card number Randomly generated card number consistent with the type of card and the bank name
CVV2 The card's security code - a randomly generated 3-digit number
Credit card expiration date Randomly generated date in the future 5 years
Account number Randomly generated account number which is structured according to the chosen country's format
Bank name Randomly chosen name of one of the biggest banks in the country
Bank code The 3 to 4 digit code which corresponds with the bank's name
Annual Income Randomly generated annual income chosen, with minimal and maximal values taken from the tax rate ranges adopted for the country