Randomly generated profiles of users from different countries

The GPS package generates realistic random NMEA data which simulates an output from GPS equipment such as navigators.

Each file consists of valid NMEA sentences transmitted with a varied frequency. The sentences are combined into a valid track, i.e. from point A to point B, although the route itself is random.

You can then easily convert the generated file into popular navigation file formats, such as Google KML.

You can try 100 records for free, within the trial package.

You get to choose the following parameters for your sample NMEA data:

Initial point A GPS coordinate (latitude and longtitude) from which the track starts. Limited to a number of cities in the trial package.
Average movement speed In kilometres per hour. The speed defines how far the track will reach at the end point defined by the last record. Available in a paid package only.
Start Time The start time of the sequence of sentences.


The output of the generator is a list of NMEA sentences of the following types:

GPGSA GPS DOP and active satellites
GPGSV GPS Satellites in view (two sentences for two satellites)
GPRMC Recommended minimum GPS sentence
GPVTG Track made good and ground speed


 Here is an example of the sentences you will get:

$GPGGA,205238.03,4030.9049,N,11639.5679,E,3,08,0.0,0.0,M,0.0,M,0.0,0000*7e $GPGSA,A,3,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,00,00,00,00,0.0,0.0,0.0*3a $GPGSV,2,1,08,01,05,335,80,02,05,020,80,03,05,065,80,04,05,110,80*72 $GPGSV,2,2,08,05,05,155,80,06,05,200,80,07,05,245,80,08,05,290,80*76 $GPRMC,205238.03,A,4030.9049,N,11639.5679,E,15.9,156.4,010515,156.4,E,A*0e $GPVTG,156.4,T,156.4,M,15.9,N,29.4,K*4c